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Reduced Calorie Diet

What is it?

A Reduced Calorie Diet is a weight management program where patients consume a controlled amount of calories each day either using normal meals or a combination of normal food and meal replacement products such as OPTIFAST.

Who is it for?

Reduced calorie diets are ideal for people with less weight to lose, or want a more gradual weight loss.

How much weight?

Weight loss while on a reduced calorie diet is about 1 to 2 pounds per week. The diet is best used for weight loss between 10 and 25 pounds although it can be successfully used for larger amounts of weight loss if required.

Special considerations

Reduced calorie diets are extremely flexible and are easily adjusted to fit most lifestyles. During the weight loss phase of the diet, we will teach you how to develop and maintain healthy eating habits that will help you to maintain your weight loss long-term. You may also want to use the Lipotropic Injections or FDA approved medications based after the evaluation and approval of Dr. Amin.

Reduced Calorie Diet
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