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Body Composition Measurement

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 Body Composition Scan

Get vital body composition outputs for evaluating overall health and wellness and a specialized Result Sheet for body water analysis. Draw more insights from exclusive metrics like Visceral Fat Area , track body composition and body water changes, optimize regimens, and give tailored health recommendations backed by research-grade data.


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CBC with differential

- Comprehensive Metabolic Profile

- Fasting Lipid Profile


- HgA1C



CBC with differential

- Comprehensive Metabolic Profile

- Fasting Lipid Profile

- Vitamin D 25-hydroxy

-TSH (Thyroid Stimulating Hormone)

Insulin Resistance Markers
- Fasting Insulin

Sex Hormones:-

-Free and Total Testosterone

- Estradiol (E2)-

Inflammation and Cardiovascular Risk Markers:
- C-Reactive Protein (high sensitivity)

- Apolipoprotein B


This test may be done after 10-12 hours of fasting  Stay hydrated and take your medications as prescribed. If you are supplementing with any hormones, we suggest taking them approximately 2 hours prior to having your blood drawn to see peak levels. Hormones are best drawn between 8-10 AM. Hormonal contraceptives can interfere with progesterone and estrogen results. Ideally, cortisol should be checked in the morning around 8 AM.

Pre-menopausal women: For a 28 day cycle, blood should be drawn on day 21 (day 1 is the day that bleeding begins). For longer or shorter cycles, count 8 days back from the day your next menstruation would start.

Post-menopausal women: Blood can be drawn any day of the month.


The laboratory services are for informational purposes only. It is not the intention of Heal Medical Weight Loss Clinic Inc. to provide specific medical advice but rather to provide users with information to better understand their health. Specific medical advice including diagnosis and treatment will not be provided. Always seek the advice of a trained health professional for medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.

Both the physician and the testing laboratory are independent contractors with whom Heal Medical Weight Loss Clinic Inc. makes arrangements for your blood tests.  Heal Medical Weight Loss Clinic Inc.will not be liable for any acts or omissions of the physician, the testing laboratory, or their agents or employees.

Mt. Rainier National Park, Washington 2020

Individually personalized, customizable nutritional plan,  

   focusing on a cleaner and healthier diet that does not feel restrictive.

   Dr Amin emphasizes on helping each individual understand the science behind 

   our body and brain's connections and to learn about the hormonal impact,

   lack of metabolic flexibility and Insulins Resistance that are the main culprits

   behind unhealthy weight gain. 

Dr Amin's goal is to help you practice a healthier, sustainable 

  nutritional diet that is easily maintained even once you have lost the 

   targeted weight. 


- LIPO -B SHOTS ( Methionine, Inositol, Choline, VIT B 12)


- Vit B12 Hydroxocobalamin Inj 

How Do Lipotropic Injections Work for Weight Loss?

1. Reduces Stored Fat

The most direct way lipotropic shots work for weight loss is the reduction of stored fat. These injections have several things going for them that allow this to happen. The active ingredients in the injections keep your liver healthy and processing fat efficiently. They help your body preserve metabolically active lean muscle mass. Most importantly, they tell your body to burn fat for fuel once glycogen stores are depleted.

2. Boosts Metabolism to Improve Fat Burning

One of the four primary ingredients in lipotropic injections is L-Methionine. This is one of eight critical amino acids necessary for adequate protein building. However, your body cannot produce this itself. Among the critical functions performed by this amino acid is the processing and elimination of fat. If you’re not getting enough L-Methionine in your diet, we strongly recommend lipotropic shots.

3. Elevates Energy Levels

Vitamin B12 is known for its crucial role in several important metabolic functions. One of these is energy level maintenance. Whether you’re following a rigorous workout routine or a very low-calorie diet, there’s a good chance that you will feel sluggish on your rapid weight-loss diet.

One of the primary ways lipotropic injections work for weight loss is by keeping your energy levels high so you can function properly at work and keep up your workout routine without going over your daily calorie budget through fast carb consumption.

4. Enhances Liver and Gallbladder Function

While choline is produced in your liver, your body cannot produce it in sufficient quantities. Choline plays a critical role in gallbladder and liver function. Keeping these organs healthy plays a massive role in your weight loss success because they help your body process and flush out fat. In fact, an unhealthy gallbladder can lead to several medical conditions, with weight gain one of the most common symptoms.

5. Preserves Lean Body Mass

Lean body mass preservation is crucial when you’re trying to lose weight. Muscle is roughly four times more metabolically active than white fat, the type of fat that makes up the vast majority of your fat stores. In other words, at rest, a pound of muscle might burn four calories per hour. Contrastingly, a pound of white fat might burn two calories per hour at rest.

Lipotropic shots help you preserve your lean body mass in a couple of ways. First, they tell your body to burn fat for fuel rather than breaking down your muscles. Second, they boost your energy levels so you can continue to be physically active and prevent the atrophy of your muscles.

6. Acts Rapidly

One of the best things about lipotropic shots for weight loss is it acts faster and works more efficiently than taking oral supplements. Delivered straight to your bloodstream, you do not need to wait hours for your body to absorb the nutrients and no nutrients are lost during the digestion process. If you believe supplements could help you boost your weight loss, we strongly recommend injections over oral supplements.

7. Allows for Optimal Nutrient Absorption

All four of the primary active ingredients in lipotropic injections. help organs, like your liver, function properly. When the body isn’t spending too much time defending itself from toxins, it has more time to spend on digestion.

With weekly lipotropic shots, you will benefit from more efficient nutrient absorption through your diet. As importantly, the shots themselves allow for a 100% absorption rate because none of the nutrients are lost during the digestion process; a common problem with taking oral supplements.

8. Improves Liver Detoxification

Another crucial role of L-Methionine is the production of taurine and cysteine. These chemical compounds are critical for supporting your liver’s ability to eliminate toxins. When your liver isn’t working as hard to detoxify your body, more of its energy can be devoted to eliminating fat from your body.

9. Improves Mood and Mental Clarity

The final most significant advantage of lipotropic shots with vitamin B12 for weight loss is the boost to mental clarity you get. It is easy to blow your calorie budget on an indulgent meal or blow off your daily workout if you’re stressed. Deficiency in this crucial vitamin is known to cause panic, stress, anxiety and depression because of its crucial role in regulating the nervous system’s functions.

Moreover, a vitamin B12 deficiency makes it harder for hemoglobin to transport oxygen to your brain. A low level of oxygen in the brain will cause feelings of fatigue, lethargy and an inability to focus on routine tasks. Inositol and choline have also been shown to improve mood and mental clarity while on a very low-calorie diet

METHIONINE:   It assists in the breakdown of fats and prevents build-up of fat in the arteries, as well as assisting with the digestive system and detoxifying the liver.

INOSITOL:  Inositol plays an important part in the health of the cell membranes and lowers blood cholesterol. 

CHOLINE:   It helps prevent transport of lipids from the liver. 

THIAMINE Vitamin B1:  Also known as Vitamin B1 Eight essential B vitamins that has many important functions throughout the body. It's used by nearly all your cells and responsible for helping convert food into energy. 

RIBOFLAVIN Vitamin B2: Also known as Vitamin B2, is needed for growth and overall good health. It helps the body break down carbohydrates, proteins and fats to produce energy, and it allows oxygen to be used by the body. 

NIACIN: Vitamin B3:  Assists in lowering cholesterol.PYRIDOXINE Also known as Vitamin B6, is used to help prevent bloating during menstruation and to feel more energized. 

DEXPANTHENOL Vitamin B5 is a derivative of Vitamin B5 which is one of the most important vitamins for human life. It's necessary for making blood cells, and it helps convert food into energy. Vitamin B5 is one of the eight vitamins. All B vitamins help you convert the protein, carbohydrates, and fats you consume into energy. 

B-12 INJECTIONS:  Vitamin B12 is a naturally occurring vitamin integral to your metabolism, ensuring healthy energy levels, and assisting in weight loss. B12 can be found in food like fish, eggs, meat, and other dairy products. it's essential for numerous bodily processes. We use different types of B12 injections to stimulate weight loss and give you energy. Our team regularly prescribes a highly absorbent vitamin B12 injection called methylcobalamin. Methylcobalamin is the strongest and most easily absorbed b12 injection. In addition to helping you lose weight and boost energy, the vitamin b12 injections also support a healthy nervous system. 

Weight Loss Supplement Injections

Our bodies are made up of various vitamins, minerals, water, protein, fat, and carbohydrates. Individuals that have an excess amount of fat,  especially if majority of it is at the waist, may be at an increased risk for health problems such as diabetes, high blood cholesterol and high blood pressure. These conditions increase the risk and susceptibility for stroke and heart disease. A major, independent risk factor for heart disease is obesity. Individuals who are overweight or considered obese, can reduce the risk for stroke and heart disease by successfully losing weight and keeping it off.

A body composition test determines if an individual’s weight is healthy for their height. This test provides a good indication of the individual’s health by providing the waist circumference, body mass index, skeletal muscle percentages, and body fat percentage. Understanding body composition is essential for individuals who want to get in better shape or evaluate progression through diet and exercise. Teaching patients about body composition is key for their optimal performance and appearance.

Taking ones body composition is useful in executing an exercise plan and provides an outline for fat loss and muscle mass build up. We can determine how much of your body is composed of fat and muscle and determine what a healthy composition for you should be. Lean tissue, which includes muscle, water, bone and organs, is the nonfat part of your body. Lean tissue is known as metabolically active tissue and is the tissue that burns calories all day. The higher your resting metabolic rate will be the more lean tissue you have. Body fat is the fat storage and in contrast has a very low calorie demand.

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If your BMI is greater than 30 then you qualify to be a patient. 

If your BMI is between 27-30 with weight induced comorbidity for e.g. Type II Diabetes, Dyslipidemia (High total Cholesterol, High LDL, High Triglycerides.and Heart disease, you can qualify for Weight Loss treatment. 









Phentermine or Phendimetrazine is a pill you take by mouth. It's a stimulant that has similar effects to amphetamines. It's an appetite suppressant and i used before meals to suppress appetite and cravings. 

Topiramate/topamax is a pill that helps manage binge eating and encourage weight loss. Topiramate is an anticonvulsant drug, which means it belongs to a class of drugs that help treat seizures. You should take a low dose of this medicine. Some people also use it to prevent migraines.

Diethylpropion Diethylpropion is a central nervous system stimulant which curbs appetite when taken before meals. 


Semaglutide (under the brand name Wegovy) is FDA-approved for weight loss in adults with a body mass index (BMI) greater than or equal to 30mg/kg² alone or 27 mg/kg² with at least one weight-related comorbidity (e.g., high blood pressure, high cholesterol). This medication needs to be prescribed and if approved, covered by your insurance. 


How Long Will I Need to Take Medication?

Phentermine/ Phendimetrazine are usually prescribed during the active and transitional phase of weight loss. 

Depending on your health and weight loss goals, you may need to take weight loss medications for years. Because obesity is a chronic disease, the FDA has approved some of these  drugs for long-term use.


Weigh Loss Medications
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